How To Change A Tire On Your Honda (Or Any Other Vehicle)

It’s one of the worst feelings when you’re on the road and you feel your wheel pull to one side or hear your tire blow out. Here’s some quick tips on how to change a tire!

How to change a tire

  1. Pull over safely

Make sure that wherever you pull off, it’s clear and flat. If you’re on the highway, it’s best to take the next exit instead of pull over on the highway. And be sure to put your hazards on!

  1. Loosen the lug nuts

Use a wrench to loosen each lug nut one by one. Don’t take them off yet.

How to change a tire

  1. Jack your car up off the ground

Use a jack to lift your car off the ground until it’s about six inches up.

  1. Remove lug nuts & tire

Remove all the lug nuts and keep them somewhere where you won’t lose them. Then, pull the tire straight off the car.

How to change a tire

  1. Replace tire

Install your spare tire on and replace all the lug nuts, tightening them one at a time.

  1. Lower your car

Use the jack to lower your car back to the ground.

After you put all of your tools away and turn off your hazards, you’re good to go!

Scenic Drives In Illinois To Take This Autumn

Scenic Drives In Illinois

When the seasons change in Illinois, there’s beauty to appreciate everywhere. If you want to really experience it, you should hop in your car for some beautiful scenic drives.

Great River Road

Great River Road follows the gorgeous and powerful Mississippi River and stretches along the western border of Illinois for over 550 miles, giving you a gorgeous view of the foliage.

Meeting of the Great Rivers National Scenic Byway

Why visit a single river when you can check out three? Coast along this road where the Mississippi, Missouri, and Illinois Rivers all come together. You can follow it all the way up to Grafton, where it ends at a beautiful state park!

Illinois Route 66 Scene Byway

Get your kick on Route 66 and catch some scenic beauty along with a piece of history. Besides the beauty, there are tons of unique and fun attractions along the way.

Spoon River Valley Scenic Drive

If you want to be enveloped on both sides by beautiful fall foliage, Spoon River Valley is the drive for you. It curves through the woods and provides many things to enjoy along the way, including food, entertainment, and flea markets.

So hop in your Honda and take on these beautiful drives this fall!