How to Develop a Strategy to Handle Road Rage

How to Develop a Strategy to Handle Road Rage | Bill Walsh Honda

Strategy To Handle Road Rage

We’ve all been there – maybe we genuinely made a mistake on the road or someone else is just having a bad day. Either way, when the situation has gotten out of hand, we should all have a strategy to handle road rage.

Don’t Engage Them

First and foremost, don’t do anything to escalate the situation. Just like in other parts of life, if you refuse to engage with an aggressive person, they will usually quit their antics. With that being said, don’t do the following: flash your middle finger at them, cut them off, or brake check them. It’s not worth it. An apologetic wave, even if it wasn’t your fault, can quickly defuse a volatile situation.

Get Out Of The Way

Another method is to simply get out of the way. This is often easier said than done, but as long as you can safely do so, get out of the person’s way by pulling off to the side of the road or get off on the nearest exit. Let them pass you and safely pull off into a populated area like a parking lot if you must. But remember, if they end up following you, do not get out of the car and make sure your doors are locked.

Maintain A Good Distance

If the enraged driver seems likely to get out of their car while in traffic, ensure there is enough room for you to pull into a turn lane or some other escape route. And if it has gotten to be that bad, don’t be afraid to call the authorities.


Here at Bill Walsh Honda we promote and encourage a healthy and smart way of driving.