Honda Civic Takes a Plunge in Florida Swimming Pool

Honda Civic | Bill Walsh Honda | Ottawa, ILWhile the 2018 Honda Civic boasts a comprehensive suite of safety technologies that can help protect you from potential hazards, sometimes old-fashioned user error still wins out. Case in point: a Florida driver recently rolled a Honda Civic into a swimming pool with two passengers inside. The good news is, both passengers made it out safely.

The driver left the car and went back to her apartment for something she had forgotten. She said she thought she had put the car in park, but that obviously wasn’t the case, as it proceeded to roll all the way into a nearby pool.

The incident, which occurred recently in Okaloosa County, Florida, was originally posted on Facebook after a sheriff’s deputy responded to a call about a Honda Civic fully submerged in a local swimming pool.  “New meaning to the term carpool,” the Sheriff’s Office joked, adding that “all parties are OK.” Of course, this doesn’t include the Civic itself, which was no doubt in bad shape after the incident.

While this story is amusing, we’re also posting it as a serious reminder to our customers at Bill Walsh Honda: Even a car equipped with advanced technology can be unsafe if the driver isn’t paying attention!