Honda Civic Takes a Plunge in Florida Swimming Pool

Honda Civic | Bill Walsh Honda | Ottawa, ILWhile the 2018 Honda Civic boasts a comprehensive suite of safety technologies that can help protect you from potential hazards, sometimes old-fashioned user error still wins out. Case in point: a Florida driver recently rolled a Honda Civic into a swimming pool with two passengers inside. The good news is, both passengers made it out safely.

The driver left the car and went back to her apartment for something she had forgotten. She said she thought she had put the car in park, but that obviously wasn’t the case, as it proceeded to roll all the way into a nearby pool.

The incident, which occurred recently in Okaloosa County, Florida, was originally posted on Facebook after a sheriff’s deputy responded to a call about a Honda Civic fully submerged in a local swimming pool.  “New meaning to the term carpool,” the Sheriff’s Office joked, adding that “all parties are OK.” Of course, this doesn’t include the Civic itself, which was no doubt in bad shape after the incident.

While this story is amusing, we’re also posting it as a serious reminder to our customers at Bill Walsh Honda: Even a car equipped with advanced technology can be unsafe if the driver isn’t paying attention!

Honda Civic Si Features: An Ideal Sports Car for Any Driver

Honda Civic Si features
2017 Honda Civic Si

The Honda Civic is a high-quality sedan with a reliable build and next-generation technologies. However, with new trims like the Civic Si, this car is quickly becoming one of the top affordable sports cars on the market. If you want added performance behind the wheel without breaking the bank, the Honda Civic Si might be the right car for you.

The Honda Civic Si features include a responsive six-speed transmission that, along with a powerful engine, allows the Civic Si to do zero to 60 mph in just 6.3 seconds. According to the Chicago Tribune writer Robert Duffer, the Civic Si also has a top speed of up to 137 mph, and with its sleek exterior, the Civic Si is one sports car you won’t want to stop driving.

The Civic Si has a contoured exterior and a long hood, as well as a bold grille and alloy wheels. It also has a stiff suspension for better handling on the track with responsive steering and a lightweight design. Inside the cabin, the Civic Si comes with a digital instrument cluster to provide bright, visible displays to provide easy-to-read information when you’re travelling at high speeds. Check out the Civic Si in person at Bill Walsh Honda. This is one sports car you simply must see in person.

A First Look at the Honda Civic Type R Hatchback


2017 Honda Civic Type R HatchbackHonda Civic Hatchback

The Geneva auto show brought with it a variety of new models that auto enthusiasts looked to in anticipation of cool new trends coming soon in the next few years. From the final versions of models that are preparing to head into production to exciting new concepts, there was something for everyone. One of the most anticipated vehicles to make its appearance at the Geneva Motor Show, however, was the upcoming Civic Type R hatchback.

Honda isn’t necessarily known for being a performance-focused brand, though it’s known for its reliability, great safety ratings, and affordable prices – especially when it comes to the popular nameplate the Honda Civic. The sedan variant has been a staple among modern American families for years. However, Honda decided to bring a bit of European-style performance with the new Honda Civic Type R, a sporty hatchback that cranks out 306 horsepower.


There are a number of other features that make the Civic Type R hatchback a more athletic option for drivers who want some sports appeal in their everyday ride – an upgraded suspension, adaptive electrical power steering system, and Brembo brakes. Pricing could put it in the $30,000-range, so keep an eye out for it at Bill Walsh Honda.